Ditcheat Big Screen

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During the autumn/winter and spring period each year we present films on the big screen in the Jubilee Hall in association with Moviola (the community cinema project) .
Films usually start at 19:30 with doors at 19:00 on the third Thursday of the month.

There are a number of local village halls that also show films so we try to select films that may be overlooked by the others.
Presenting a film for public display is not cheap, the licensing costs for a one night showing are around the £90 mark, so we are grateful for all the support you can give us by attending our films.

Listed below are the films we have selected for the period January till April 2019, each film has a link to its trailer.

January 17th - Mama Mia (Here we go again) - trailer
February 21st - King of Thieves trailer
March 21st - A Star is born - trailer
April 18th - The Wife - trailer

We also have a fairly long list of films available to borrow - click here for details