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Ditcheat art group is a small, friendly bunch who meet on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the Jubilee Hall.
Our members range from enthusiastic amateurs to those with professional skills, and included in our number are several art teachers, a ceramicist and a textile designer. We are a very democratic group and decide on our projects by consensus, sometimes calling upon one of our number to lead a session, and aim to improve our techniques through mutual support.
Occasionally we employ an artist to demonstrate, and have indulged ourselves in a number of excursions to exhibitions.
We always welcome new blood, regardless of skill (or lack of it!) A number of us have started literally from scratch.
All you need are some basic equipment – sketch pad, pencils, brushes and some colours – and a packed lunch. We all have our preferences and can almost always accommodate members choosing their favourite medium, so if drawing is your thing that’s fine.
We look forward to welcoming some new recruits.

Contact Liz and Stuart Gould 860755

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