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Tai Chi in Ditcheat
How many of us find that as we get older we start getting aches and pains and
seem to get different ailments? The article below was taken from the BBC
News and highlights that as we get older our immune system and balance start
deteriorating and we seem to be visiting the doctor far too frequently.
However, we can improve this by simple, gentle and relaxing Qigong exercise.
Tai chi recommended to fight fibromyalgia
By Ian Westbrook Health reporter, BBC News 22 Mar 2018

Tai Chi and the concept of Qi can be traced back four thousand years in China.
It is a slow and relaxed form of moving meditation. Through practice, from the
relaxed moving exercises, you can bring your physical body to an ultimate level
of relaxation and natural ease with the benefits of relieving stress, high blood
pressure, maintaining health, improving balance and reducing the visits to the
doctor. In China the Chinese are encouraged to practice Qigong to benefit
their general wellbeing and particularly before undergoing an operation and
post op as it helps recovery.
Qi has a wide and more general definition than most people would think.
Without getting too deep, Qi can be considered as the manifestation of energy
that circulates through the acupuncture meridians. When a meridian is
blocked then we will suffer illness. By the use of Qigong, it will maintain and
unblock these meridians allowing the flow of Qi energy and improve the
immune system.

Why not give it a go? A Tai Chi Qigong class is held in Ditcheat Jubilee Hall
each Monday from 1030 until 1130 by Richard Payne.
For more information contact Richard on rap1947@btinternet.com