Online Ticket sales T&C’s

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8.1 The varying exchange and refund policies set forth by our Event Organisers prohibit TicketSource from issuing exchanges or refunds after a booking is placed.
If a refund or exchange is requested by a Customer, the Customer is advised to contact the Event Organiser directly to process their request as per the Event or Venue’s own exchange and refund policy.
The booking fee is non-refundable if an Event Organiser processes the refund. The booking fee is only refundable if an event is cancelled or significantly changed (e.g. change of date, venue or headline act) and TicketSource will process these ticket refunds. Event cancellation refunds incur a £1.00 handling fee per transaction.
TicketSource does not permit exchanges for tickets to events staged by different Event Organisers.

8.2 Cancelling an Event
If an Event is cancelled by the Event Organiser (i.e. a cancellation due to circumstances beyond TicketSource’s control), TicketSource will refund the purchase price of a Customer’s tickets including the booking fee, (but excluding any delivery charge or telephone service fee); whether that fee was originally presented as a separate item or was included within the stated face value of the ticket.
Donations and Sundry Items will also be refunded in full. Event cancellation refunds incur a £1.00 handling fee per transaction.
Where TicketSource has been notified by the Event Organiser of an Event cancellation, we will use best endeavours to contact Customers by email (using the details provided at the time of booking) advising them of the cancellation and initiating the refund process.
TicketSource is normally notified in advance of any pending Event cancellation by the Event Organiser. We then automatically initiate refunds to all tickets purchasers. Customers can also notify TicketSource directly if they discover than an event has been cancelled by emailing