Ditcheat Big Screen- Barbie

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18:45 - 22:15

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Barbie suffers a crisis that leads her to question her world and her existence.
Director-Greta Gerwig
Writers- Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach
Stars- Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling & Issa Rae

The film begins with The Narrator (Helen Mirren) explaining the societal impact of the Barbie doll on history, accompanied by a clip of the original 1959 Barbie towering over a desert landscape, while little girls playing with baby dolls begin to destroy them.Hidden from the real world is Barbieland, where the Barbies and Kens, alongside other dolls like Allan (Michael Cera) and Midge (Emerald Fennell), live. The Barbies preside over Barbieland in a matriarchal system and work high-position jobs while the Kens spend time as futile subordinates living in the Barbies’ shadow. Beach Ken (Ryan Gosling) has feelings for Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) and constantly vies for her attention, but she doesn’t recognize.During a dance party at her house, (Stereotypical) Barbie suddenly starts questioning her mortality. The next day, Barbie suffers an existential crisis, experiencing a series of mishaps including her perfect skin with blemishes and her arched feet going flat. The other Barbies suggest she visit Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon), who informs her the human girl who is playing with her is unhappy. To fix her crisis, Barbie must travel to the real world, find the girl and help her. On her way to the real world, Barbie finds (Beach) Ken stowed away in her car. He convinces her to let him join and the two travel to Los Angeles, where they accidentally get arrested several times. Barbie learns to cry upon taking in how flawed the real world is, before complimenting an old woman on her beauty. Ken wonders off and discovers the patriarchy, feeling accepted for the first time. He excitedly travels back to Barbieland.

Enjoy a fabulous evening with friends and family.
Credit Card or Cash Bar available. Lots of amazing ‘pink themed’ cakes, drinks and treats to make the evening fun! Why not wear something Pink too? Let’s make it a real fun evening!!

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Doors Open at 6:45PM
From 7:30PM to 10:15PM

Ditcheat Jubilee Hall, Somerset, BA4 6RB

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