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These are the rules of game play for Ditchingo – wonder baubles!

Configuration and design statement
The match will be called a Chukka. This will consist of 3 bouts.

Each bout will consist of a number of heats.
The playing surface consists of 6 pitches – each pitch has 15 numbers
You will be issued with 3 pitches

A bout will end once someone has checked off all the numbers in one pitch.
Points will be awarded for winners of heats and the bout as detailed below.

At the end of the Chukka, prizes will be awarded based on various criteria – the decision of the referee is final!

Operating instructions

Zoom – we will use this as a means to communicate, it is not needed for playing the game in itself.
Zoom will be used to check claims of ‘bingo’.

Playing the game.
I will deliver printed cards to each participating team / family.
There will be three cards per household, you can use them in any order. 1 card (playing surface) per bout!
I think 3 bouts will be sufficient before we all become too ‘fuzzy’.
Each card is unique so it is unlikely that there will be ‘tied’ calls

Cross the numbers of 1 playing surface per bout.

As soon as you have met the requirements for a heat – shout BINGO, HOUSE or whatever word you choose to indicate that you think you may have won.
I will stop calling numbers.
The claimant will then tell me the number of the card they are claiming for.

If the call is valid the player will be awarded points based on the table below.
NOTE: a bad call (where there are missing numbers) will result in a penalty of -2 points. Accompanied by booing and hissing from the other players.

Once the call has been verified as good or bad we continue. If the call was bad we carry on with the same heat, if good we play another heat.

For each ‘heat’ points will be awarded to the winner – these will be totalled and prizes allocated based on the team / players with the best scores.
Bear in mind we are clearing out the house so prizes may be ‘ODD’!

4 Corners – get 4 numbers in the corner of any (single) pitch (The first and last numbers of line 1 and line 3) – 7 points
Big 4 – 1st number and last number of line 1 in pitch 1 – and 1st and last number of line 3 pitch 6 – 4 points
Line – first line of a bout – 5 points
Double Line – two lines on different pitches (once per bout)- 10 points
250 up – total of 250 or more on a single pitch (1 per bout) – 3 points
Full House – 15 points

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Chukka based on points accumulated and some other random awards!